Our Curriculum – The short version

Please find our Curriculum Main Points Below.

We are a play-based that really likes methodologies such as block play, play dough, sensory play and fun construction games.

As a whole we focus on the following areas of development:

  • Wellbeing
  • Security
  • Emotional skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Emergent Reading Skills
  • Sensory Play
  • Movement
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Such as we focus on key skills that include Counting, Emergent reading skills, PLAY, guided play, MOVEMENT, Emotional intelligence.

All of these skills are imparted in a way that encourages the children to explore what they learned. With guided play and art sessions our children are allowed to wonder and ask questions.

Every Child has a right to play, but also to learn without losing the FUN.

Below is our Breakdowns on how we approach everyday education at Brave little Foals.

Day Activity 1 Activity 2 Methodologies Activity 3
Monday Circle Time Talk Movement Numeracy Play dough
Tuesday Big ART Imagination Play Literacy Music
Wednesday Emotional Development Gross Motor Development Patterns Games, Mazes, obstacle courses
Thursday Baking Fun – Bak en Brou Fine Motor Skills Numeracy Sensory Play
Friday Sensory Play Movement Literacy Snoepie
Teaching Principles of Brave Little Foals
Brave Little Foals is a play based daycare, that aims in educating and helping our children grow without fear. We have a few principles that our children will be learning at our daycare.
Literacy Emergent Reading Skills, Name recognition, Color Recognition, Shape Recognition, Identifying different days, past and present, opposites, left to right
Numeracy Number recognition and order, shape recognition, positions, Size differences, stacking, patterns, mazes, categorisation.
Sensory Play Comfortable with different textures, recognise different smells, tastes, sounds, textures, sights.
Emotional Development Sense of well being, sense of self, calming techniques, choices, red and green behaviours, concentration techniques, sense of safety, healthy self-confidence, friendship, teamwork, quieting down
Fine Motor Skills Healthy grip, Pencil Grip, threading skills, cutting skills, pasting skills, strong fine motor muscles, Healthy Eye Focus ability
Gross Motor Skills Midline Cross, String core muscle, Strengthening big muscle groups, Balance, strong arms and Grips, hand and eye coordination, Hand-eye and foot coordination, healthy breathing
Other Skills Problem Solving, Using Imagination for everyday problems, calming down and recognising what you can control and what not, creativity, story skills, art skills, math skills, writing skills