Crazy Shapes – Pret met Vorms

These last two weeks was a hard one, so we are VERY late with the theme upload.

Please bear with us.

The next theme is Crazy Colours where we focus on shape recognition and tracing abilities as well as categorisation.

All of these skills are crucial when it comes to writing, reading and math skills.

Theme Outcomes


  • Count till 10
  • Identify Shapes
  • Categorise shapes
  • Place shapes in outlines


  • Identify different shapes
  • Identify Shape names
  • Start identifying the story from the pictures
  • Sequencing

Emotional and behavioural skills

  • Being a Good Friend?
  • How do I treat my friends?
  • What is Empathy?

Movement skills

  • Midline Cross
  • Rolling over
  • Stretching
  • Crawling

Gross motor skills

  • Midline Cross
  • Balance
  • Core Muscles
  • Hand-Eye Coordination.

Fine motor skills

  • Pincher muscles
  • Scissor Skills
  • Pencil Grip
  • Tracing
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Theme Planning

Brave little foals uses Acorn kids products in all their themes.

Brave little Foals – Dealer

We are a ACORN Kids Dealer

They have amazing products and we used two in our theme this time:

The Angel Powder

Anggel Powder – Soap Free

The Super Slush

Super Slush – Sensory Play