Water and Water Transport

Our next theme is water transport. We love the idea of everything water and as such we have a lot of ground to cover, from safety to things in the water.

Our Major outlines are as follows:

Water transport

Understanding the importance of water.

What is wet water and can be cold or hot.

Water safety is very important when you are with a grown up or alone.

Water is parts of the human body.

Drinking water is important, drinking water every day!

Water transport and the kinds of boats that are used. 

Boat safety for everyone.

Numeracy concepts

The standing for the number two, counting to two and identifying the number two.

Drawing the number two, with guided play and drawings.

Counting two objects, in guided play and activities.

Identifying identifying the number two in everyday situations.

Colour identification

Understanding the colour and where to find it.

Identifying the colour in the world around them, playground, toys and food.

Picking out the colour between other colours, identifying and categorising. 

Understanding dark and lights of the Colour.


Identifying shape, Triangle.

Identifying shape between other shapes.

Categorising Shapes as in a puzzle or Game.


Identifying name on the board and on the art wall.

Identifying first letter of name.

Practice writing name with guided sheets.

Placing small puzzles, shaped puzzles and 4 Piece puzzles.

Plain colour puzzles and shape puzzles, categorising colours and shapes.

Emotional and behavioural skills

Feeling safe, identifying a safe place and person.

Procedures when feeling unsafe, “Stranger Danger!”

Who Is my safe person? Parents,  Teachers, Police and Medical Personnel.

Finding my safe place, quiet place that helps a child calm down.

Movement skills

Midline Cross.

Ball skills, catch-and-release (Big balls)

Stretching, using balance to stretch legs and core muscles.

Climbing underneath objects.

Going over obstacles.

Confidence on the jungle gym and slides.

Monkey Bar skills, strengthening core and arm muscles.

Strengthening core muscles, with basic games and role playing.

Gross motor skills

Balance on two feet on a line or in a circle.

Climbing steps, up and down.

Balancing on top of an object and a line.

Balancing on one leg.

Midline Cross, both small motor and gross motor crossing skills.   


Fine motor skills

Threading the shape with either cotton or lace.

Placing straw in a hole and through a hole.

Cutting up Play-Doh with scissors.

Scissor skills

Basics of scissor movements, correct finger placement.

Strengthening hand muscles for cutting and pincher muscles for writing.

Download the Full theme below.