Class Rules

It is very important to establish rules in a classroom. This is a practice that helps the class function property and it helps children understand their boundaries.

This also creates a sense of security in the children as they know that there are rules in place for themselves and their friends.

So we’ve created some rules that help our children understand how to work in the classroom.

  1. Share with others. | Ons deel met ons maats.
  2. Use kind words. | Gebruik vriendelike woorde.
  3. Be a good friend to everyone. | Wees maats met almal.
  4. Respect each other. | Respekteer mekaar.
  5. Tidy the classroom. | Maak die klas netjies.
  6. Be Happy! | Wees gelukkig.
  7. Keep on dreaming . | Hou aan droom.
  8. Take pride in our school. | Wees trots op ons skool.
  9. Wait my turn. | Wag vir my beurt.
  10. Use my inside voice. | Gebruik my binne stem.

Below you can download our classrules in PDF format.

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