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Welcome to Brave Little Foals, a small daycare in Fisherhaven, Western Cape, dedicated to providing the BEST play based learning and care.

We believe in a few things, but our main values are:

  1. Care – Every child should know that their school cares about them.
  2. PLAY – our play-based curriculum encourages every child to play.
  3. Safe – We create a safe environment where our children feel secure.
  4. Emotional Development – Brave little Foals aims to help children grow in their emotional wellbeing.
  5. Knowledge – Our children learn at our school and a helping them build necessary knowledge is a key factor. Such as, numeracy, literacy, emergent reading skills, EQ.
  6. Movement – Brave little Foals believes in MOVEMENT. Keeping the children active and helping them develop the necessary muscles to thrive and gain confidence.

Come and have a look. We are not shy and we would love to involve everyone who is interested in a play-based ECD experience.

We have loads of stuff! Applications for your child to join us and so such more resources for everyone.

Under the sea!

Brave Little Foals is a play based Daycare that places our focus on the children. We want to create a safe environment for all our children to learn, explore and grow into the little superstars we know they are.Brave little Foals provides a loving and caring environment, where children can learn safely, without losing the FUN.We provide care for a maximum of 10 children in order to give them the best care possible.Our curriculum integrates NELDS and CAPS so that all our children will be ready for GR R. Brave little Foals aims to provide a loving and caring environment where all our children can learn while having fun. We aim to let them grow naturally through a play-based curriculum.Every child has a right to play and school should encourage them to learn and develop in a way that boosts every child.So if you need a daycare
Look no further than Brave little Foals.
Contact Rozanne at 0813848010Our new premises will be at 29 Schooner avenue and we will open on 1 July 2019. New playgrounds and 2 classrooms.We will be taking in children from 3 Months to 5 Years. Unfortunately we will not be able to facilitate Grade R at the moment.We ask the parent to pack snacks everyday and provide a pillow and blanket for their children.We will provide Breakfast and Lunch.